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This site is sponsored by the Southern Counties Regional Partnership (SCRP) as part of its commitment to develop and maintain a diverse and culturally competent behavioral health workforce.  The Southern Regional Counties represented on this site include Imperial, Kern, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, San Diego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Tri-Cities, and Ventura. 

Important Note: The SCRP acknowledges the value added by applicants who have been personally affected by mental illness and/or substance addiction and the experience of their immediate family members and caregivers.  We encourage people with this "lived experience" to apply to all positions within the field to which they qualify, and the positing of jobs by organizations that value this experience. 

We envision a current & future regional workforce that understands and supports recovery, resiliency, & wellness, is culturally and linguistically competent, and includes consumers and family members throughout the mental health system.
To disseminate information and strategies throughout the region, coordinate education programs, develop/provide common training opportunities and share programs to enhance the public mental health system workforce, when those programs are more effectively coordinated at a regional level.
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